What’s the ‘Thumbs Up’ campaign all about?

Similar in principle to the ‘Like’ button on Facebook, we are asking the St Andrews community to go one step further and either post or email their ‘thumbs up’ selfie photos to show their support for helping to create a Dementia Friendly Community.We ask that the backdrop to the photo is a wall for a reasons. It acts as a metaphor to symbolise the barriers and frustrations that both individuals living with dementia, their carers and families face day to day. Barriers that we hope together as a community we can help break down. Please take your pictures of you, your friends and family and post them to our Facebook page or email them to the webmaster here.

It’s got to be easier and less painful than pouring a bucket of iced water over your head right? Ok not as funny – but quick and easy so please do it now

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