The most frequently asked questions…

We have tried to cover as many of the frequently asked questions we receive about the Dementia Friendly Community Campaign, if you have further questions that you or others would feel useful please email them and if suitable we will publish in this section. As a group of volunteers our aim is for absolute transparency in everything we do and how we plan on spending the money we raise.


What is a Dementia Friendly Community

A dementia friendly community is made up of the whole community – shop assistants, public service workers, faith groups, businesses, police, fire and ambulance staff, bus drivers, school pupils, clubs and societies, and community leaders – people who are committed to working together and helping people with dementia to remain a part of their community and not become apart from it.

This involves learning a little about dementia and doing very simple and practical things that can make an enormous difference to people living with the condition.

The concept of a Dementia Friendly Community isn’t new – as far back as 2001, Alzheimer Scotland’s Dementia Awareness Week focused on how to reduce stigma, raise awareness and create more dementia-friendly communities.  But it’s probably fair to say that the dementia-friendly movement was given a huge boost in March 2012 by the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia south of the border.  The attention this achieved gave an added impetus to some of the work which had been going on quietly for many years, with more and more communities coming forward to say they too wanted to get involved

Is the Dementia Friendly St Andrews campaign a charity?

No. We are a group of volunteers led by Dr Maggie Ellis (University of St Andrews, Psychology & Neuroscience) following a programme initially set up by the Alzheimer Society. We hope to establish of like minded volunteers to form a committee to help us achieve our objectives.

Why don’t the Government Council provide funds for helping with Dementia

Fife Council do provide investment into a limited number of facilities that benefit the community but they have limited resources, their help is a welcome contribution but unfortunately does not nearly cover the full cost of the different projects that the campaign have identified as great ideas to help develop a Dementia Friendly St Andrews.


Does all the money raised go towards the campaign objectives?

Absolutely. There are no paid members of the team, everyone is a volunteer. The campaign does incur some expenditure to help run or promote events (printing costs,  etc.) but we also receive fantastic support and discounted rates for virtually everything we need. We aim to regularly publish the running totals of amounts raised and provide an annual set of accounts to show how all the money raised is spent.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways you can help with the fundraising or other initiatives. We are always looking for more pairs of hands to help with the various events organised by the Fundraising Team, you may have a special area of expertise or an idea of your own for an event or may simply wish to help man a stand and shake a collections tin!

You may simply wish to make a financial contribution, run your own fundraising event or sponsored bike ride! Whatever your contribution, all help is greatly appreciated.

Can I put on my own fundraising event?

Yes you can, however before you do so you will need the authorisation by the fundraising team. Simply send an email with your ideas and someone will be back in touch asap. We also have some items that may assist you such as poster templates and sponsorship forms.

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